I received the bad news today that there’s a company-wide lay off and I was one of the “lucky” employees to get cut. This is no surprise since this is the 4th time that they’ve laid people off… The industry is just not doing so well and it doesn’t look like its getting any better. 

I already assumed my time will come soon so it was not a shock…and I’m surprisingly taking it well. I am taking this as a gift from God. I have been waiting for a breather for sometime. I have been so overwhelmed with my full-time job, full-time school, my photography business, and being a new wife. It’s hectic and at times I was too drained.

It can also be that I am just a very positive person and nothing really phases me. I’m still pretty lucky compared to others and I know that there will only be bigger and better things to come. I’m just glad I will have some time for me, to blog again (I haven’t been since 2011), and to take care of business…business that I actually want to take care of that is.

Well I’m just excited for whats to come. I’M READY FOR MORE 2014!! :D


First time juicing! I put half a banana, mixed berries, spinach and arugula. The taste is not bad, I think I put too much water though and not enough of the banana/mixed berries in there. Oh well, we’ll try again later. :D

First time juicing! I put half a banana, mixed berries, spinach and arugula. The taste is not bad, I think I put too much water though and not enough of the banana/mixed berries in there. Oh well, we’ll try again later. :D

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Day 2 was about learning how to make a FAT LOSS PLATE. So pretty much it teaches you how to make a well-balanced, small portion meal. I know to some people this is like common sense, but the way they explain it helps me really understand how and why it works. In summary, a fat loss meal have PROTEIN, FAST CARBS (foods that digest fast) and SLOW CARBS (foods that digest slow). The reason being is to make sure that you have a consistent amount of glucose so that your body have enough to burn (as normal) but not enough to store. FAT BURNING MODE!!!

Today’s thing to do was to have one meal that is a FAT LOSS PLATE. I wasn’t as prepared as I want to be but tried my very best anyways. I had Chicken Katsu for lunch (from the office cafe), and it came with white rice and salad. So just like the plan showed me, I portioned everything appropriately. I ate half of the chicken because well everything here is portioned BIG, 1/3 of the white rice, and all of the salad. It was yummy and I after I ate it, I didn’t feel FOOD COMA. Probably because I didn’t eat the whole thing like I usually do. I felt energetic and didn’t feel the need to take a nap (like I usually do).

My mess up was after work. I had errands to run and I wasn’t prepared for food (dinner and snacks). So I got so hungry and just ate,  I don’t even remember when. I just ate junk. I know I can do much better. Making a grocery list right now and hopefully I can run to the store later. I’m getting excited!

That’s it for now.


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So I’m going to jot down my measurements and my goals for this program. I didn’t get to take the starting pictures yet. I guess I’m trying really hard to avoid it. It sucks because I use to love taking pictures, now I’m too embarassed to be in front of the camera. Oh and all the pictures that I take are only of my face. (LOL) Anyways, down to business.

Starting Date: 4/11/2013
Neck = 15 in
Chest = 43 in
Biceps = 14 in
Forearms = 10 in
Wrist = 6 in
Waist = 37.5 in
Hips = 40.5 in
Thighs = 25.5 in
Calves = 14.5
Body Weight = 154 lbs
% Body Fat = 29.9%
Fat Weight = 46.05 lbs
Lean Body Mass = 107.95 lbs

I will lose a total of 40+ pounds. (long term)
I will fit into size 3 jeans. (long term)
I will look and feel great this summer. (short term)

What motivates me?
I want to lose weight because (1) I want to lengthen my life span. With my current lifestyle, I am slowly cutting my life short. I have a history of diabetes, and heart problems in my family and I am heading in that direction if I don’t change anything. (2) I want to live a more fullfilling life. I am a newlywed and I am restrained in doing all the things that I want to do because of my health. I want to travel with ease, see sights, explore all the possibilites and try new things WITHOUT LIMITATIONS. (3) I want to lose the weight to love myself more by taking good care of me. (4) I want to be confident and show myself off because I am AWESOME inside and out.

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I started this yesterday, and already learned a lot. So based on what I’ve read so far, the program is about teaching the body to have a fast metabolism, just like when we were younger. It starts you up with a 21 day Metabolism Makeover, and each day they teach you one thing that you alter in your day to day life. The thing about this program is it teaches you ways to eat healthy that you will use for the rest of your life. Not only that, it tells you that you can eat foods that you love and still lose weight…as long as you follow their plan. Sounds good to me!

Day one is just about eating constantly, making sure that your body doesn’t get hungry enough to bring you to “STARVATION or FAT STORING MODE”. I have known to do this from other fitblrs and weight loss blogs so that wasn’t a surprise. It says to eat every 2-3 hours enough to power your body but not too much where it will store the food that you eat as fat.

My first day was good. I didn’t feel hungry at all. I still ate all the food that I normally eat, though I could’ve had healthier foods but I’m taking it one step at a time. I had to weigh myself and my starting weight is 154 pounds. I also calculated my body fat and it was 29.9%, which means that I have a total of up to 46.5 pounds of fat in my body. That is sickening! That is really motivating me to do something about my life and get healthy.

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll do a follow up blog to post my current pictures, write down my goals and other things. :)


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